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Fulfill your desire with a performance of true ecstasy. T I M E L E S S L U X U R Y Just beneath the surface something sensational awaits. It can be awakened with a touch a texture a color anything that shines a spotlight on your desire. The spotlight seduces your mind taking your body to a place youve only dreamt ofa place just beyond the edge of your consciousness. Its time to intensify your sense of self and indulge your longing for moretime to entice your body to ascend to the next level. Tonight find yourself irresistible deserving the best of everything the world has to offer. Youre not the supporting actress in this play. Never hold backyou deserve the spotlight. 2 SEDUCTIVE SPOTLIGHT 3 4 PREMIERE Youll never forget your first time with Premiere. This 10-speed vibrator slips easily over a finger adding a new dimension to all kinds of play. Whether you use this toy for clitoral vibration or or to enhance an all-over body massage Premiere delivers exclusive access to a red- carpet pleasure experience Bath-friendly and rechargeable. 79 USD 109 CAD THE PREMIERE OF PASSION Place your fingertip on the pulse of erotic nirvana for an entirely new dimension of play. With the power to enhance every touch or entice the clitoris with 10 speeds of sensual vibration Premiere perfects clitoral play or all-over body massage with silky silicone and a textured surface for a performance that inspires genuine ecstasy. SEDUCTIVE SPOTLIGHT 5 MAIN ATTRACTION This dual-action thriller skillfully directs your pleasure with 20 speeds of independently controlled clitoral and shaft vibration plus a textured G-spot-pleasing tip that offers a brilliant performance all the way through the end credits. Bath-friendly and rechargeable. Length 4.75 in.12 cm girth 5 in.13 cm 179 USD 249 CAD SHOWSTOPPING ECSTASY True ecstasy beckons just beyond this Main Attraction. Orchestrate your pleasure with dual- action tungsten steel motors and 20 intoxicating speeds of independently controlled clitoral and shaft vibration. Sinuous curves in velvet-soft silicone caress you in your most intimate areas while a sculpted tip tempts your G-spot with sheer rapture. 6 SEDUCTIVE SPOTLIGHT 7 8 E X C E P T I O N A L I N N O V A T I O N Featuring the highest caliber materials and a design of elegant simplicity the Seductive Spotlight marries beauty of form with exquisite function to put your pleasure center stage. Bound with hand- polished silicone and 24-karat gold the collection is equipped with tungsten steel motors that maximize vibration intensity while minimizing noise for an experience thats truly extraordinary. SEDUCTIVE SPOTLIGHT 9 10 GO AHEAD TAKE A BOW Surrender to the complete embrace of Take a Bow a front-row experience of awakened desires and sheer pleasure. Discover bliss with every vibration and lose yourself in sensual rapture. Take A Bow awakens every single nerve ending with 10 tantalizing vibrations and a unique shape that covers the entire clitoris and vulva. TAKE A BOW Ultra-soft silicone glides over your skin with velvety smoothness. A whisper- quiet motor delivers 10 showstopping speeds of powerful vibration. This toy satisfies with a unique shape designed to cover the entire clitoris and vulva. Bath-friendly and rechargeable. Length 4.5 in.11.5 cm width 1.75 in.4.5 cm 99 USD 139 CAD SEDUCTIVE SPOTLIGHT 11 ENCORE 10 speeds of clitoral vibration. A unique shaft with massaging beads and 10 speeds of rotation. Velvet-soft silicone. When the curtain drops on this A-list performance you wont be able to hold back from shouting for an Encore. Bath-friendly and rechargeable. Length 4.5 in.11.5 cm girth 5 in.13 cm 179 USD 249 CAD YOU DESERVE AN ENCORE Sheer bliss awaitsflirting with desire and fulfilling every craving Encore is a breathtaking testament to ecstasy. Two independently controlled tungsten steel motors deliver the intensity you crave against your clitoris and G-spot with 20 vibrating speeds while whirling beads in the shaft help push you past the edge of surrender. 12 SEDUCTIVE SPOTLIGHT 13 E X C L U S I V E F E A T U R E S Carefully curated from conception to execution with pure pleasure in mind the Seductive Spotlight is an immersive sensory experience from the moment you open the box. Uniting soft-touch technology sleek design and the purest gold this collection is a true statement of refined decadence from the company that has produced the worlds most desired bedroom accessories formore than 20 years. Each intimate accessory includes Hand-polished silicone that is velvet-soft easily transmitting vibration Tungsten steel motors that maximize vibration intensity while minimizing noise 24-karat gold accentsa statement of luxury Bath-friendly technology that can be completely submerged Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides hours of fun on one charge 14 SEDUCTIVE SPOTLIGHT 15 For more information visit U.S. or Canada. All intellectual property rights such as trademarks service marks trade names designs and copyrights are reserved. Nothing contained in this brochure may be reproduced without written permission. Pure Romance reserves the right at all times to modify the models featured in the present brochure. 03-16